Tip of the week: Vacuum Exercise or How to Get a Thin Waist

vacuum exercise finalI do plank exercises two times every week for strengthening my core muscles. I combine them into a short routine which takes me about 10 minutes. I will write about this next week.

But now I have something special for you! An exercise which gives you a thin waist. It’s cold Vacuum Exercise. Continue reading

Abs Training (day 3 of 3)

gained some #fat fuf.. But there is a new #pos...

gained some #fat fuf.. But there is a new #post about #6packabs ! read it on sergeyzhelezko.com

This is my third abs training routine. I have 5 training days in a week and I train abs every odd day. These are 1, 3 and 5.

This is the abs program for the last training day, for the fifth one. Continue reading


my new #workout #routine is coming #tomorrow !...

my new #workout #routine is coming #tomorrow ! check it out on sergeyzhelezko.com via sergeyzhelezko

After almost a week of fighting with my internet provider company I can finally reach my blog! More posts are coming! Keep Fit and Stay Tuned!

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Juicy cardio exercises

my #morning #cardio is done! read about it on ...

Cardio exercises are the one of the major points in getting ripped body and six pack abs.

Let’s have a look at some exercises which I do.

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My abs training routine (day 2 of 3)

This is the second day of my abs training and these are exercises which I do.rev4

I use the same technics for my exercises which I discussed in the previous post. Apply them to all abdominal exercises.

Let’s start with the second day abs training routine. Continue reading

How I train my abs (day 1 of 3)

I train my abdomen 3 times a week. These are exercises which I do on my first day.

But before starting with the exercises I want to explain some techniques which I use for all my abs and obliques exercises.

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A training day – a day of hunger

I really want to eat on my training days because I spend a lot of energy. This is what I eat on my normal training day.


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What is not good for your abs

You want abs? You have done hundreds of exercises but they have not made any difference? I will tell you why…


Abdominal exercises give you nothing without a diet. My own nutrition plan helps me to build muscle and get rid of fat.

Although I do not follow a specific diet with the schedule and Kcal calculating, I have some rules which keep me on my track. Continue reading

I wanna get ABS!

Usually people have good and lean abs. I am not joking, almost anyone has great abs, especially if he or she trains it. Unfortunately, there is usually some belly fat above, which covers abdominals.

It is very important to train an abdomen correctly, but let ‘s start from understanding the structure of the abdomen so that our abs training program is relied on a pure knowledge.