GoPro 3+ or How I Started Doing Lots of Selfies

Yeah, I got my baby. It’s quite an improvement from GoPro 3. I have GoPro 3+ Black Edition now and I piss people off with it.. The goal is to make a selfie with each person on the island that i know. Some cool stuff is coming, not that soon, but it is coming.


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Tip of the week: Vacuum Exercise or How to Get a Thin Waist

vacuum exercise finalI do plank exercises two times every week for strengthening my core muscles. I combine them into a short routine which takes me about 10 minutes. I will write about this next week.

But now I have something special for you! An exercise which gives you a thin waist. It’s cold Vacuum Exercise. Continue reading

Abs Training (day 3 of 3)

gained some #fat fuf.. But there is a new #pos...

gained some #fat fuf.. But there is a new #post about #6packabs ! read it on

This is my third abs training routine. I have 5 training days in a week and I train abs every odd day. These are 1, 3 and 5.

This is the abs program for the last training day, for the fifth one. Continue reading


my new #workout #routine is coming #tomorrow !...

my new #workout #routine is coming #tomorrow ! check it out on via sergeyzhelezko

After almost a week of fighting with my internet provider company I can finally reach my blog! More posts are coming! Keep Fit and Stay Tuned!

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Juicy cardio exercises

my #morning #cardio is done! read about it on ...

Cardio exercises are the one of the major points in getting ripped body and six pack abs.

Let’s have a look at some exercises which I do.

Continue reading

My abs training routine (day 2 of 3)

This is the second day of my abs training and these are exercises which I do.rev4

I use the same technics for my exercises which I discussed in the previous post. Apply them to all abdominal exercises.

Let’s start with the second day abs training routine. Continue reading

How I train my abs (day 1 of 3)

I train my abdomen 3 times a week. These are exercises which I do on my first day.

But before starting with the exercises I want to explain some techniques which I use for all my abs and obliques exercises.

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A training day – a day of hunger

I really want to eat on my training days because I spend a lot of energy. This is what I eat on my normal training day.

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