My abs training routine (day 2 of 3)

This is the second day of my abs training and these are exercises which I do.rev4

I use the same technics for my exercises which I discussed in the previous post. Apply them to all abdominal exercises.

Let’s start with the second day abs training routine.

1. Knees lifting.

This one is the first one, because it’s the hardest for me. I lay on a bench (usually on a flat one) and put my body in the position which is shown at the picture 1: I grab the bench above my head and bend my legs in hips and knees so that I get about 90 degrees angle in each. Then I pull my hips to the chest and try to make them touch each other. The amplitude of the movement should be as small as you can make it. After that I extend my body back. Notice that I don’t lay my hips down on the bench when I extend my body. My hips are always in the air. I do 4 sets with 15 reps each.

1. IMG_0528bw  2.  IMG_0531

2. Side V-ups for obliques. 

This exercise works at both upper and lower obliques. I lay on the floor on my back. Then I roll a bit on one of my sides so that I lie on one of my buttocks. I get into the position shown below at the picture 1. Then I pull both my legs and my elbow to each other. After that I extend my body back to the first position. I do 4 sets with 12 reps each for both sides.

1. IMG_0532  2. IMG_0536

3. V-twists

The last one helps me to create a v-shape of my lower part of abdomen. You can do this exercise either with a dumbbell or a barbell or without any weights. I sit on the floor on my bottom with my legs almost touching the ground. I twist my torso to the one side as far as i can and touch the ground. Then I twist my upper body to the other side and do the same. I like to do this one with the timer. 40 seconds doing the exercise – 20 seconds rest, then 40 seconds doing it – 30 seconds rest, and finally 40 seconds doing it.

1. IMG_0554  2. IMG_0557bw

That’s it – my second abdominal routine. Third one is coming soon.

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