Abs Training (day 3 of 3)

gained some #fat fuf.. But there is a new #pos...

gained some #fat fuf.. But there is a new #post about #6packabs ! read it on sergeyzhelezko.com

This is my third abs training routine. I have 5 training days in a week and I train abs every odd day. These are 1, 3 and 5.

This is the abs program for the last training day, for the fifth one.

1. Legs Lift On A Captain’s Chair

I start my last abs training of the week with a captain’s chair legs lift exercise. This exercise is one of my favorite ones for the rectus abdominis. I grip the handles and push my back to the pad so that my back is parallel to the pad. Then I lift my  legs (bent in the knees) to my chest, fix them for a sec at the max point and extend them to the first position. It is very important to do this exercise without swinging! I usually do 4 sets with 20 reps each.

1. IMG_0563 2. IMG_0565

2. Hanging side legs lift

This exercise targets the obliques. I start from the hanging position. First, I twist my hips to the one side. Second, I raise my hips and lessen the distance between my hips and my chest. Simultaneously I bend my legs. No swinging here as well. 4 sets and 10-12 reps each.

1. IMG_0570 2. IMG_0577

3. Torso crunch-twists

This exercise targets the lower part of the obliques. I do it on a Roman chair, but you can do it with an exercise ball. First, I lie on one of my hips (on the Roman chair) as it is shown on the picture one. Second, I bend and simultaneously twist my torso and reduce the distance between my chest and hips. At the end of the movement you should twist your torso as much as possible and fix it for one sec. Then it’s time to extend the body  to the starting position.

1. IMG_0602 2. IMG_0603

That is my last abdomen routine. All this exercises are advanced. Exercises for the beginners will be here soon! Keep Fit and Stay Tuned!

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