Tip of the week: Vacuum Exercise or How to Get a Thin Waist

vacuum exercise finalI do plank exercises two times every week for strengthening my core muscles. I combine them into a short routine which takes me about 10 minutes. I will write about this next week.

But now I have something special for you! An exercise which gives you a thin waist. It’s cold Vacuum Exercise.

To perform this exercise you should:

1. Stick out your belly by taking a deep breath and filling your lungs with air like a balloon. (You should inhale with your stomach, not with the chest).

2. Exhale all the air from your lungs and suck in your stomach (like you are trying to reach your backbone with your bellybutton). You also should flex all your pelvic muscles. Keep this position for 10-30 secs or more. You should continue breathing while performing this exercise, but you should breathe only with your chest and keep your stomach and pelvic muscles flexed.

3. Relax.  Repeat from step one.

A good sign that you are doing this exercise correctly is a warm feeling in the lower part of your rectus abdominis (under the bellybutton).

What is cool about this exercise is that you can do it wherever and whenever you want (but don’t do it right after your ate something). Do it at least 5-10 times (or even more) every day for 2-3 minutes and you will feel and see results soon. I do this exercise almost every hour.

By the way, I’m doing it even now, while writing this post. ;)

Keep Fit and Stay Tuned.

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